CODE 009011-B

Bar bender and piercer, essential tool for anyone who has to wire-up electrical boards in which it is necessary to bend and pierce rigid or flexible copper and aluminium bars. This tool is constructed of a monobloc in special steel, it is completely open to permit the bars to be inserted easily from above. Its sturdily-built structure will guarantee precision work, even after years of operation. The bar bender/piercer (BBP) fits into a work bench with a steel surface and can move vertically thanks to a hydraulic device controlled by a wheel at the front of the work bench. A gauge running along the front of the BBP and a workpiece stop with an adjustable gauge make it possible to precisely centre the bar every time. The BBP comes in two versions: manual operation or electrical functioning with automatic stop. It may also come equipped with a bend programmer code 009101 (page 20). Bending capacity: from a thickness of 5mm to 12mm with a max. height of 120 mm. Punching capacity: up to 10 mm thickness. Holes can be made in material up to 12mm, but this causes premature wear and tear on the extraction spring. For correct use, do not punch material thicker than the punch bit itself. The piercing punches should be requested separately. Activated with PUMPS cod.00PA2002 - 00PA2004 Includes: Cylinder - Base – Tool bender - Manual goniometer - Bar retainer. Visual references for bender control and happened piercing. Max working pressure: 70MPa (700 bar) Max developed power: 230 kN Total weight: 59,5 kg

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