Kit supporto entraggio barra

CODICE 009018K

The Cosmec Bar Cutter is a tool cuts 120x12 mm copper and aluminium bars. The bars are cold cut very rapidly without causing deformation on the bar. To operate the tool, all the Cosmec operating hydraulic machines, as pump with pedal Code art. 00PA2002, the pneumhydrtaulic one code art. 00PA2004 or the electrical power pack code art. 00HP1550. It is not necessary to fix the tool during the cutting operation; however, it is possible to anchor the equipment to a work bench by fixing the feet with the use of 4 screws M8. The accessory code 009018K bracket kit and bar centre makes it very easy centering operations and ensures the orthogonality of the cut thanks to two retainer surfaces and the retainer bar adjustable in width and thickness of bar. The accessory code 009018K can be buy separately and installed on exsisting equipments. Max working pressure 70Mpa Developed power 230kN

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