Curvatubi digit.programm.fino ø50mm

CODICE 6242-1650

Programmable digital conduit bending machine. A portable electronic conduit bending machine on which it is possible to set the angle of bending and automatic stop, resulting in quantities f repetitive bends being produced with extreme accuracy. It is capable of programming angles of bends, with the recovery of material, with a back up battery, for storing data in its memory. Minimum maintenance costs, powerful yet silent single phase induction motor with overload controlling system. Comes complete with a fault diagnostic and axis viewing and checking system. Possibility of modifying (optional extra only available for part no. 6242-1650) a two-axis positioner to allow for the production of a number of bends on different surfaces. Supplied complete with a metal case in which to store the machine and its accessories, and the Ø16mm, Ø20mm, Ø25mm, Ø32mm, Ø40mm, Ø50mm dies and counter-dies. The tool, part no. 6242-1650, also comes complete with a sturdy pedestal fitted with wheels. Weight, part no. 6242-1650: 80 Kg (machine body only) Weight, part no. 6242P-1650: 50 Kg (machine body only) Bending capability: Galvanised steel conduit, part no. 6008: from Ø16 mm to Ø50 mm * AISI 304 stainless steel conduit, part no. 6700: from Ø16 mm to Ø40 mm

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