Centralina elettroidraulica


Electrical power pack. Equipment used to rapidly operate all Cosmec tools. It is fitted out with an adjustable pressure switch, which upon completion of the job, stops the motor, thus permitting the immediate opening of the tools. The high number of manufactured models and the technology used make it possible for this equipment to be absolutely reliable even for particularly heavy- duty jobs. It is supplied complete of a 2 mt. long pipe for high pressure with 1/4” CEJN female quick coupling. • Single - phase electric motor 220 V - 50Hz • Electrical input 1 HP • Working pressure 55 MPa (550 bar) • Adjustable pressure switch • 24 V device for the controls • Telescopic handle • Safety pedal • Capacity 0,9 l/min • Tank capacity 3 l • Prearranged for Electrical Goniometer and PFB Drilling 009012 • It is equipped with wheels to facilitate its movement • Total Weight 37 Kg Hydraulic oil that meets ISO-L-FC specifications (Viscosity 2.7mm2/sec at 100°C)

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