Banco di lavoro multiuso semplificato-Telai

CODICE 008800

Multi-use work bench for workshops, suitable for the equipment accomodate. It is composed by a strong galvanized steel frame, a wide work bench, a drawer to hold tools, a drawer to collect wood chips, adjustable supports for the alignment between equipment and work bench, a hydraulic plant multi-machine and four wheels to facilitate movement. The hydraulic plant of bench is equipped with a tap that allow to select the operate machine. (again individually). The work bench it's suitable to accomodate the following equipments: 00HP1550 Electrical power pack 009012-B Bar bending and drilling tool 009018 / 009018-1 Bur cutting 001103-1/ 001103-1BC Din cutter 00C61 Drilling cylinders The main peculiarity of this bench are: • possibility of accomodate both new equipment and the used one; • possibility to select the machine that operate ada without re-connect pipes; • possibility to easy remove every single equipment. All the equipment should be requested separately and the characteristics of every machine or tool appears on pages of the catalogue. Dimensions 1175x780 h904 mm Weight 130kg

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