Testa Foracanale con punz. M16-20-25-32-40

CODICE 002251

Duct drill head. Equipment suitable for drilling cable ducts in metal or plastic material without pre-hole. Must be driven by a hydraulic pump and has the same characteristics as the duct drill code 002250, but is significantly smaller in size and weight. Supplied in a carrying case, complete with the following round drill bits: 16.2, 20.4, 25.5, 32.5 and 40.5 mm Ø. The use of hydraulic pumps designed for other applications - normally set at 70 MPa (700 bar) - could subject the equipment to stress near its breaking load, and therefore special attention must be paid to hole thickness (1.2mm max. for metal ducts). Max. thickness: 1 mm (stailess steel) 1,2 mm (Fe 370) Working pressure: 45 MPa (450 bar) Developed power: 27,7 kN

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