Punzone femmina ø5,5mm per barre

CODICE 00907-055F

Female round punch ø5,5mm for bar. These tools are made of special hardened and ground steel and consist of a punch and a matrix whose drilling dimensions are printed on both parts to avoid connecting errors. A spring for dies is mounted on the punches to guarantee the withdrawal of the punch from the drilled bar. The punches and matrixes used for slot holes have reference marks for correct positioning. They are designed for piercing up to 10 mm thicknesses, but for a more correct use it is inadvisable to pierce bars with a thickness greater than the punch’s diameter. Suitable for piercing rigid or flexible copper and aluminium bars. If piercing of flexible bars is envisaged, its applications must be specified at the moment of purchase. A manual detailed instructions for use is provided with the tool.

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