Attrezzo Tagliaforadin (fermobarra mm.1000)

CODICE 001103-1

Din cutter with bar holder - structure. Hand tool designed to cut and drill frame profiles to EN 60715 standard. Assure a clean cut without deformation and let make round 6,5 mm Ø holes along the entire lenght of the profile centre line. Configured according to the needs with lade and accessories that can be bought separately, the din cutter comes without any blades and a standard, 500 mm - long bar holder, or if required an optional 600 mm extension kit is also available. Other special feature of this tool is the option of replacing the cutting dies and the possibility of adding later the equipment with blade for other profiles and accessories. To improve cut orthogonality it's possible to use the special accessories like guide bracket, that has to be fixed on din sutter structure, and outline guide, both bought on pair as shown in the table. Total weight 5,3 kg The manual tool must be attached to a work table or to the special portable support code 001103-P, that can be positioned as required near the work area. Attached to the base of the support is a box used to contain any accessories or keys that are supplied with the tool. A hydraulic kit, code 001103-I consisting of a cylinder driven by a pump or hydraulic unit, is also available. The cylinder replaces the cam, and when activated by pump, turns the Din Cutter blade without any exertion on the part of the operator. Max working pressure 70Mpa Generated power 40kN Weight 0,69Kg

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