Simple interlocking metal flexible conduits coated in smooth EVA and protected by stainless steel braid ø20,5x27

CODE 607ETX022

Simple interlocking metal pliable conduits coated in smooth EVA and protected by stainless steel banding made from Sendzimir galvanised steel ribbon (UNI EN 10346 Standard), with helicoidal profile and simple interlocking. The coating is made of thermoplastic EVA which is a flame retardant material with a low level of toxic and corrosive gas emission, halogen-free, with a smooth external surface and thread fastening. They are protected by an AISI 304 stainless steel metal braid, that renders the conduit highly resistant to wear, abrasion and electric sparks. These conduits are resistant to common oils and grease and have good flexibility and good mechanical resistance. They also offer good protection against electromagnetic interference across a large wave band. Certification reports LAPI Laboratorio Prevenzione Incendi srl: • No.1181.0DC0030/11 in compliance with EN ISO 11925-2 • No.1181.5AF0010/11 in compliance with NF X 10-702-1 • No.1181.5AF0020/11 in compliance with NF X 70-100-1 • No.1181.5AF0030/11 in compliance with NF F 16-101

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