Non-threadable galvanised steel rigid conduit ø63x1,5x3000mm

CODE 6008-63L3

Non-threadable galvanised steel conduits. Electro-coupled conduits made from ZL, with zinc facing on welding area, subject to IMQ and VDE controls. The reduced internal welding and absence of sharp edges allow cables to slide through smoothly without risk of their coating being damaged. The electrical continuity and air/water-tight seal of the system are guaranteed through the use of the connectors indicated in the chart to the right (all approvals are based on the closed system to certify conformity of the conduit/connector as a whole). They offer good protection against electro-magnetic interference on a wide frequency band. Non-threadable conduits suitable for cold bending, including with limited radius (2.5-3 times conduit Ø). Lenght: 3000 mm (0 / +5 mm).

Characteristics table
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