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Flex.conduit PA12D 6x10 ø10

CODE 5001-07PN

Flexible corrugated polyamide conduits (PA 12-D), designed for optimum flexibility, high compression resistance and excellent response to impact; ideal requirements in all applications for the protection and insulation of electrical installations. The high resistance to repeated bending, makes them particularly suitable for dynamic applications. Excellent resistance to most chemical substances such as oils, petrol, acids and solvents. Self-extinguishing and halogen, silicone and cadmium-free, these conduits have excellent insulating properties. Low fume emission in case of fire makes these conduits particularly suitable for applications in the railway sector and in all places where there is a greater risk of fire. Particularly suitable for outdoor applications. Corrugated internal and external surfaces ensure an excellent sliding of the cables, significantly easier than with flexible PVC conduits. Offers good resistance to UV rays.

Characteristics table
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