AISI 316L rigid stainless steel conduit ø25x1,2x3000mm

CODE 6700A25L3

Electro-coupled conduits made from sheets of AISI 304 (X5CrNi1810 1.4301 UNI EN 10088-1) uniformly brushed stainless steel, in order to obtain a good surface finishing. The removed inner welding allows for perfect cable sliding without any coating damage risk. Thanks to a wide range of fittings and accessories it is possible to assemble the entire system in stainless steel. The uniform dimensions however also allow the use of normal nickelplated brass quick fittings. Electrical continuity and water tightness are guaranteed by using all of the fittings shown in the accompanying table (all approvals are based on the closed system to certify conformity of the conduit/ connector as a whole). Non-threadable conduits are suitable for cold bending, including with limited radius too (2.5-3 times the conduit’s diameter). Lenght: 3000 mm (0/+10mm). Conduits in lengths of 6000mor to customer specifications, are avaiable in minimum lots of production.

Characteristics table
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