Control unit for tunnelLEd signalling LSE series

CODE 095614103
SIGN CGS/230/50/6

Characteristics: Supplied in RP1000 series enclosure (overall dimensions 485x664x171 mm) made of aluminium alloy UNI EN 1706AC-46100DF, protection degree IP55. Functioning: Version for permanent lighting up of signal lights LSE 105 and LSE 120 at low voltage (reduced luminosity) and, increased luminosity by means of external sensor, in alarm situation. Provision for max. power supply of 15 signal lights on each side (control unit installed halfway through the plant) powered separately. Signals light up with steady light or light up only in case of alarm with external sensors. Power: Supply voltage 230 Vac. Output voltage 48 Vac.

Characteristics table
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