The new ENERSUN system is designed for all the domestic and industrial application which want to use clear energy efficiently and become indipendent for its own energy needs.

Electronics is designed to be easily installed and to be integrated with existing installa­tions, without significant changes.

ENERSUN is designed to have the highest efficiency in the management of the battery pack, with a life expectancy from 10 to 20 years (according to the technology used), which will guarantee continuity of supply to its loads for 24 hours, maintaining the tra­ditional network as emergency reserve.


· Optimization of own cosumption of plant (day and night thanks to storage solu­tions)

· Simultaneous operation from PV, battery and network without switching

· High voltage battery (150 -260V) with maximum efficiency

· Wide range of power (possibility of custom solutions)

· UPS function without interruption 0 ms

· Management of current peaks without increasing the size of the counter

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